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Our HSES Responsibility

GTL Infrastructure as one of the leading Shared Passive Telecom Infrastructure provider supports measures laid down by Department of Telecommunications to ensure protection of environment and maintain the ecological balance.

The Telecom industry is growing & all the concerned should take necessary steps to address the environment related concerns & take some sustainable steps for the same.

"We at GTL Infrastructure, are committed to providing a safe and hazard free work environment in all its activities. We are committed to protect environment, health and safety of all our employees, natural resources and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements by establishing environmental excellence as a primary objective of all our activities and processes

In line with this commitment, all employees shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with environmental and safety objectives and make efforts to continually improve the HSE performance“

In order to comply with the same following are the objectives

Passive Telecom Infrastructure Sharing: GTL Infra’s business model is based on sharing the passive Telecom infrastructure. All the operators in India have actively started to share the cellular infrastructure, this helps to reduce the visual proliferation and to optimize the use of national resources.

Reduce Energy Consumption: Green Shelters, or outdoor BTS are being encouraged by all the CMSP’s as it reduces the power consumption, by keeping the temperatures cool for longer duration.

Use of Alternative Energy Sources: Alternative sources of energy i.e. solar, wind, and bio-mass are being encouraged wherever feasible. A major thrust is also being given to bio-fuels, like B-20 and pilots are being run by the operators.

With the huge growth in Telecom sector day by day, more population is being exposed to the low-level Electromagnetic Fields produced by the base station antennas that are mounted on cellular mobile towers and by handheld mobile telephone sets/radio terminals.