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Concept of In-Building Solutions

Hi-speed wireless connectivity in workplace, airports, hotels, convention centers, hospitals etc is becoming more prevalent. It provides today’s business executives equipped with laptops, PDAs, wireless LAN, mobile sets with seamless wireless email and Internet service. To meet this ever-growing demand, building owners are finding it of paramount importance to deploy a robust in-building wireless solution for creating a competitive niche and better user experience. Typically a building requires services such as Broadband, Mobile Telephone Coverage, DTH, etc. To ensure the delivery of such services seamlessly to the users, a state of the art infrastructure is required.

For Wireless LANs, PDAs, Laptops, Mobile sets to communicate smoothly using various mobile and wireless services and applications, adequate signal strength is critical. For example, a building may not receive adequate mobile coverage from outdoor cell sites. This is because in most cases the signals present outside the building are unable to penetrate the building material, thus resulting in poor coverage. A typical problem in high rises is the problem of interference, where at higher floors a full network presence is detected but a call cannot be made successfully due to interfering signals. Crowded areas like malls, airports, large commercial complexes need a dedicated system to handle the capacity requirements for the large number of calls at such locations. Further with 3G quickly getting popularity amongst these above mentioned demographies, network strength, quality and capacity etc are becoming a cause of major concern.

With comprehensive experience of deploying hi performance wireless infrastructure projects, GTL Infra offers an unbiased approach to In-Building Solutions while providing flexibility for new technologies.