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Press FAQs

Q - Who are the promoters of GTL Infra?

A - Global Holding Corporation Pvt. Ltd. (GHC), the holding company of Global Group & GTL Limited, India‘s Largest Services Provider to the World are the promoters of GTL Infrastructure Limited.

Q - What are the milestones of the company?

  • Formation - 2005

    GTL Infrastructure Limited was incorporated on February 4th, 2004 under The Companies Act, 1956 as GTL Engineering & Managed Network Services Limited. The name of the Company was thereafter changed to GTL Infrastructure Limited on February 1st, 2005.

  • Listing - 2006

    On November 9th 2006, GTL Infrastructure Ltd. (GTL Infra) was listed on BSE and NSE at a market cap of Rs. 1397 crs, becoming the first company in Asia Pacific to get listed in the Shared Telecom Infrastructure space

  • Rights issue - 2007

    In October 2007, the Company raised its Equity Share Capital from Rs. 336.40 Crores to Rs.672.80 Crores through the issue of 1:1 rights to its existing Shareholders. These rights were issued at par.

  • FCCB Issue - 2007

    The company has successfully closed on Unsecured Zero Coupon FCCB issue of Rs. 1,000 Cr (USD 250 mn) combined with a green shoe option of Rs. 200 Cr (USD 50 mn) at Yield to Maturity (Y-T-M) of 6.9%. The issue received extraordinary response from about 90 global investors with offerings worth more than Rs. 40 bn (USD 1 bn)

  • Warrants issue - 2007

    The promoters and investors of GTL Infrastructure Limited (GTL Infra), have committed fresh investments to the tune of Rs.1100 Crores (USD 275 million) by investment into warrants

  • Financial Closure - 2008

    GTL Infra successfully achieved the financial closure for the rollout of 23,700 towers across India with a total project cost of Rs. 7,265 Crores (USD 1.80 Bn). The project is being financed through a mix of debt and equity. The company has raised Rs. 2,905 Crores (USD 726 Mn) by way of equity offerings and quasi equity instruments like Preferential Warrants and Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCB). The company has received aggregate Debt sanctions of Rs. 4,999 Crores (USD 1.24 Bn) for the project, from international and domestic banks, and financial institutions.

  • Aircel Acquisition- 2010

    GTL Infra acquires 17,500 Aircel towers with 21,000 tenants at a transaction value of US$ 1.8 Bn making GTL Infra the largest Independent and Neutral Tower Company in the world.

Q - What is the core business of the company?

A - GTL Infra’s business model of infrastructure sharing is based on building, owning, operating and maintaining passive telecom infrastructure sites capable of hosting multiple service providers (CMSPs, Wireless Broadband). The model enables the operators to convert their capital expenditure to a fixed and predictable operational expenditure allowing them to divert precious capital towards core activities.

GTL Infra’s expertise lies in providing robust passive infrastructure solutions to telecom service providers thus adding value to their service by optimizing cost structure and enhancing reach. In India, presently, the Company has a portfolio of around 28,000 towers in 22 circles.

Q - What are the strengths of the company?

  • Largest Independent and Neutral Telecom Tower Company in India
  • Pan India Tower presence with around 28,000 Towers
  • Currently serving all major Telecom Operators as its customers
  • Long term contracts with all Telecom Operators (10-15yrs)
  • Experienced Management team & Promoters

Q - How many employees does the company have?

A - As of March 31, 2016, the company is having a employee base of 445 direct employees plus over 4,200 associates indirectly working for the company.

Q - What was GTL Infra’s revenue in FY2015-16?

A - GTL Infra’s revenues for the year March 31, 2015-16 was Rs. 631.45Crores

Q - How can I acquire GTL Infra annual report?

A - The latest annual report for FY 2015-16 is available on GTL Infra corporate website’s investors section

You may also directly download it by clicking here

Q - How can I get GTL Infra Logos?

A - GTL Infra Corporate Logo is available in the Press Kit section. (Path: gtlinfra.com> Media> Press Kit > GTL Infra Logo).

The Press Kit section also includes GTL Infra Positioning Statement and Press Contact information.

Q - Where is the GTL Infrastructure Corporate office?

A - GTL Infra Corporate office is located at:

412 Janmabhoomi Chambers
29 W.H. Marg Ballard Estate
Mumbai 400038
Tel: +91-22-2261 3010
Fax: +91-22-2261 9649

Q - Which are the group companies of Global Group?

A - Global Holding Corporation (GHC) comprises companies like;

GTL Limited*: India’s largest network services player
GTL Infrastructure*: Largest Independent & Neutral TelecomTower Company in the World