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Talent Engagement & Management

  • The emergence and development of the telecom tower industry in India is driven by the robust growth that is being witnessed by the Indian Telecommunication Sector.
  • The rapid growth in mobile subscribers has compelled the telecom companies demand more & more services. The telecom tower business has taken the centre stage of the communications sector in India.
  • Therefore a career in the telecom sector undoubtedly seems to be a promising one in the years to come.To meet these demands it becomes imperative for the organization to build a strong resource house to fall back upon.

GIL employees have time and again redefined success through their energy, loyalty and consistent efforts. To strengthen this resource house GTL INFRASTRUCTURE accords a lot of importance to Talent Development. Through various initiatives like training, succession planning, competency based performance management we provide a wholesome framework for the employee’s development within the organization.

These initiatives help us to mould & nurture the employees to deliver consistent performance and meet the growing challenges and demands.

In the knowledge economy, our most important asset is the energy and loyalty of our people & our intellectual capital. The objective of the Talent Management System is to capture the right talent and nurture them, thus retaining high potential performers and leaders.

Some of the activities which have been identified under the Talent Management System are: